Spark won the bid for Shenzhen Metro Huangmugang lighting project

Spark won the bid for Shenzhen Metro Huangmugang lighting project

2022-06-30 13:34

Recently, Spark has good news and successfully completed the lighting project of Huangmugang comprehensive transportation hub of Shenzhen Metro. Spark will provide high-quality subway intelligent lighting products for Shenzhen Metro lighting, promote the seamless connection between Shenzhen rail transit and other surrounding transportation modes, and improve the traffic operation efficiency of the area. Huangmugang comprehensive transportation hub is located in the northeast of Futian District, Shenzhen. Soon, line 7, line 14 (under construction) and line 24 (planned) will form a three line transfer subway hub here. According to the concept of "Station City integration", Huangmugang hub is committed to building a comprehensive transportation hub integrating "transportation integration, functional integration and spatial integration".

Spark successfully won the bid for the comprehensive lighting project of Shenzhen metro transportation hub, which will provide intelligent lighting, emergency lighting, section lighting, evacuation instructions, etc. for Huangmugang comprehensive transportation hub. Since it first undertook the lighting of Shenzhen Metro Line 7 in 2016, Spark has undertaken the lighting of Shenzhen metro line 20, line 12, line 14, part of line 5, NOCC depot, Metro University, etc. As a leading brand of Metro lighting, Spark will make more contributions to the construction of Shenzhen Metro and the construction of China Metro.

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