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Talent Strategy
The leapfrog development of SPECTRO is the result of the joint efforts of all SPECTRO staff. The company has always upheld employees as the most precious wealth and the first resource of the company, and has formed unique talents in the selection, use, education and retention of talents. The mechanism has built a smooth career development channel, a competitive salary incentive system, a multi-level training system, a humanistic employee care organization, and a comprehensive display stage for employees to develop their personal talents, and build the best labor harmonious relationship enterprise.

Talent Concept
Talent concept: moral priority, job matching, competitive selection, teamwork
Employment policy: career retention, environment retention, treatment retention, emotional retention

Career Development
Spark Optoelectronics is committed to the technological innovation and application of the new energy LED green lighting industry. The company uses irregular internal recruitment, recommendation, transfer, exchange and learning and other personnel deployment mechanisms to help employees in their career planning and Provide employees with cross-professional and cross-level career development and growth channels.

Salary incentives
Spark's salary incentive mechanism adheres to the concept of "achieving employees and sharing results". Innovate a dynamic and competitive salary and welfare system to allow employees to share the company's development results. At the same time, it has established a dynamic adjustment mechanism for employee compensation linked to employee performance KPIs, and implemented a floating bonus system that highlights performance orientation and is linked to performance appraisal. Spark Optoelectronics continues to explore new assessment models, and pays equal attention to quality assessment and performance result assessment. All employees regardless of level, share responsibilities and rights, have clear rewards and punishments, can be both up and down, and treated equally.

Education system
Spark has a complete hierarchical training course system, teacher management system and training effect evaluation system, and integrates internal and external training resources. Through new employee induction training, vocational skill system training, management reserve talent selection and training, middle and high-level cadre training, etc., a complete talent growth platform has been built for employees, and the introduction, training, growth, selection and appointment of talents have been realized. Full coverage of links.

Employee care
Spark Optoelectronics has established a humane life care and work guarantee mechanism, and organizes various employee networking events, birthday parties, (excellent) employee travel, team development and other theme activities from time to time. The company has set up special funds for the establishment of welfare committees and labor union organizations to enrich employees' spare-time cultural life. Mutual aid funds are issued to employees who are seriously ill or have difficulties in their lives due to the impact of natural disasters. The implementation of policies such as recruiting/transferring personnel and entering Shenzhen City has greatly improved the satisfaction and enthusiasm of employees.

Recruitment system
Spark's recruitment system consists of campus recruitment, social recruitment and other channels.

Spark Optoelectronics has established long-term strategic partnerships for talents with many key universities and colleges across the country. The recruitment majors cover a wide range of majors in technology research and development, international trade, marketing, operation management, human resources, finance, legal affairs, and information technology. Successively won the "Shenzhen Futian District University Student Practice Base", "National Green Energy-saving Lighting Science Popularization Demonstration Base" and other honors, so that Spark's campus influence continues to increase.

Social recruitment is also the main method for Spark to attract mature talents. In recent years, it has gradually expanded talent introduction channels and models, formulated targeted introduction policies, actively explored overseas talent introduction and reserve models, and increased international talent introduction. Attract elite talents who agree with spark's corporate culture to join spark's business.

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